Looking For Staff?

Why choose Kowalski Recruitment for your staffing needs?

We simply have the best candidates in the marketplace... talented people with the right skills and experience, who integrate seamlessly into your team.

Kowalski Recruitment is a specialist Recruitment and Human Resources company, delivering high quality tailored staffing solutions for both public and private sectors. We service a wide range of industries, including Professional Services, Legal, Finance and Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Communications, Project Management and Property, Research and Development, and we have significant expertise in recruiting for Federal, State and Local Government.

We provide temporary staff at short notice, and permanent employees who integrate seamlessly into your team. We manage your recruitment process with transparency and integrity; design advertising campaigns to attract the best people; provide professional recruitment advice and scribing support for your selection process; and much more...

Kowalski Recruitment was founded in Canberra in 1997, and has recruited some 7000 positions in a wide range of fields, including:

- Senior and Executive Management,

- Middle and General Management,

- Executive Assistants,

- Public Affairs, Communications and Marketing Officers,

- Policy, Program, Research and Development Specialists,

- Accountants and Accounting Support Staff,

- Financial Officers and Finance Support Staff,

- Human Resource Professionals,

- Lawyers, Para-Legal and Legal Administrative Staff,

- Project Managers,

- Technical Specialists including: Scientists, Educationalists and Economists,

- Administrative Support Officers, Customer Service Officers and Receptionists.


We also provide a wide range of HR Consulting Services, such as:

- Position profiling, classification and benchmarking;

- Workforce planning;

- Scribing services;

- Employee background checking;

- Performance counselling and appraisals;

- Psychometric appraisals;

- Career coaching and outplacement services;

- Recruitment campaign management;

- Resume preparation and assistance.

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