HR Consulting

Kowalski Recruitment key personnel have in excess of 40 years combined industry experience, and can assist your organisation with a range of HR advisory services, including:

- Position profiling, classification and benchmarking;

- Workforce planning;

- Scribing and merit selection procedural advice;

- Employee background checking;

- Performance counselling and appraisals;

- Onboarding and career development assistance;

- Psychometric appraisals;

- Career coaching and outplacement services;

- Recruitment campaign management;

- Resume preparation and assistance.


Payroll Services

Kowalski Recruitment has in-house expertise in managing the employment conditions of contract employees, including the setting of wages and employment conditions in accordance with the National Employment Standards, the management of PAYG tax, superannuation (including choice of fund, and salary sacrificing arrangements), and the management of insurance policies (workers compensation, public liability and professional indemnity) on behalf of contractors. If you have identified a person that you would like to engage, we would be more than happy to "payroll" them for you.