Useful Infomation for Job Seekers

When applying for a new position it is important that you present yourself professionally in order to best sell yourself to your potential future employer. Essentially you only have one opportunity to submit your resume (and potentially be interviewed) for each position, so it is crucial that you make the absolute best impression you can.

Your Resume:

  • Should be no longer than 3 pages (use as few words as possible to provide the most information);
  • Is first-and-foremost a "selling document". A potential employer should read it and want to know more about your skills and experience, and how you can add value to their organisation;
  • Should be well written and formatted, and should contain a combination of paragraphs and dot points;
  • Should always be accompanied by a brief cover letter, which has been indivually written for each job that you are applying for.

Please also download our Effective Resumes guide, which provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare a great resume.

Attending Interviews:

Being invited to attend an interview is always very positive, as it is an endoresment that the employer has read your resume, and is interested in finding out more about you, and how you can fit into their organisation. Generally only several candidates are interviewed for each job, and by this stage a number of other applicants have been eliminated.

When you are invited to attend an interview, several key points to rememebr are:

  • Interviews can vary significantly in formality, so do your best to gain an understanding of the process, the number of people conducting the interview and so on in advance;
  • Do your research. Be sure to know as much as you possible can about the organisation in advance. Look at their website, corporate structure and also have a look at whatever publicly available information you can (such as annual reports);
  • Be sure to know where to go, and make sure you are on time;
  • Do your best to engage with the interviewer, be yourself, don't be nervous, ask questions, and demonstrate your interest in the role;
  • Ensure that you are well presented - it is always better to be slightly over dressed, than under dressed.

Please also download our Interview Techniques guide, which provides a comprehensive guide on how to present yourself at interview.