Mission and Values

Our Mission:

To be the leading HR specialist and provider of temporary and permanent staff in the Australian Capital Territory.

Our Values:

Professionalism - Providing outstanding service to our clients and candidates.

Integrity - Ensuring that all of Kowalski Recruitment's employees behave ethically and honestly at all times.

Openness - Building trust with our clients and candidates.

Fairness - Ensuring that every person we have contact with is treated fairly and justly.

Respect - Respecting our clients, our staff and our candidates.

Our Vision:

It begins with caring about people...

We never forget that every candidate is an individual. And we believe that how we treat candidates is as vital as how we treat clients.

It's about tuning in to unique needs, as well as the unique skills that satisfy them.

It's about being sensitive to the subtleties in relationships that can turn good individuals into magic teams.

It's about consistent openness and integrity in business... and about being there for the long haul.

Ultimately, it's about recognising the preciousness of people's careers and futures... and realising that they're in our hands.